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Fighter Pilots USA offers you the perfect ‘mission flight plan’ for your next sales incentive, product launch or business meetingin the form of our Red Baron Innovative Flying Events. Not only do our flight events provide an unforgettable experience in the air, but also on the ground. Leave the golf courses, boardrooms and ballrooms behind and soar with Fighter Pilots USA at your next group or corporate incentive event. Contact us today.

How Red Baron Flight Events Work

Kickoff your business meeting, sales, product launch or group incentive in an event space near the flight line. After your kickoff meeting, your employees or clients get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly a military fighter plane!It’s “as real as it gets.” No pilot’s license or experience required.

Our professional instructor pilots will begin with a pre-flight information and safety training briefing. After the briefing, our pilots fly your guests in military fighter planes for 30- or 45-minute sessions.  Each “guest pilot” has the chance to actually fly the aircraft under the instructor pilot’s careful supervision. The “guest pilot” can execute whichever maneuvers he or she is comfortable with. Your guests’ safety and comfort is our first priority. 
Afterwards, each guest receives a DVD of his or her in-flight experience, flight line personal photos, personalized leather name tag, certificate of accomplishment with their military “call sign” and other Fighter Pilots USA memorabilia along with ‘mission complete’ bragging rights and an unbelievable experience.  Contact us today.


Optional ‘Ground Support’ Activities


At Fighter Pilots USA the wait time will be nothing short of amazing. While your guests are taking individual flights, we provide optional ‘ground support’ activities to keep guests engaged and to promote team building and camaraderie in a relaxed atmosphere. Choose one or all activities: F-16 flight simulators, Combat Crud, Catered Luncheon and/or an Innovative Keynote Speaker. Or you can conduct your own activities or meetings—the choice is yours.


F-16 Viper Flight Simulator 

The F-16 Viper flight simulatorcan be incorporated into the Mach-1 Challenge including military combat instructors. Guests train with a fighter pilot instructor before they hop into the cockpit of a professional-grade F-16 flight simulator. After teams are created they compete against one another for the ‘ACE of the Day’ award. Guests have said, “it’s like a knife fight in a phone booth.”  Optional award ceremony can be provided to recognize individuals along with certificates of participation. Learn more about the F-16 Viper Flight Simulator, click here.

Combat Crud

An additional option is the USAF flight crew ready room challenge known as “Combat Crud.” It’s a billiard game without pool sticks played by fighter pilots to get the adrenaline flowing before sorties. Guests can challenge each other in tournaments and crown a winning team at an optional awards ceremony.

Innovative Keynote Speaker - Jim Feldman

Mr. James Feldman, a recognized innovator and professional speaker, will open or close your event with a stimulating discussion on innovation. He will renew, reinforce, and recharge your group. A company’s culture moves about an axis, just as an aircraft does. Jim uses this analogy to simulate a business organization. The aircraft axis rotates in three dimensions, pitch, yaw, and roll. and so should your organization. Jim will give you the tools to deal with these changes and learn to innovate. 

Jim understands that his highest influence and value emerges from being a problem solver. To accomplish this goal Jim assists organizations in defining the problem from ‘inside the box’ before creating a solution.  It is not about spending more money; it’s about outthinking the competition. In the fighter pilot combat world, he or she must be competitive, cooperative, and innovative. The entire Red Baron Innovative Flying Event will challenge your audience’s beliefs and encourage innovation. Learn more about Jim here. 

Awards Ceremony

Afterwards, we can hold an optional award ceremony to recognize all the individuals that flew and participated in the ground activities and thank all the attendees for their participation. 

Group Incentives Award Ceremony


For over two decades, Fighter Pilots USA has offered business meetings, product launch, and group incentives for firms such as Microsoft, Lucent Technologies, Ford Motor Credit Company, General Motors, Disney and ESPN, just to name a few.  We pride ourselves in creating events that combine the best possible flight experience while fostering education, camaraderie, and communication in a relaxed atmosphere that will enhance your company image.  We are very flexible and will customize each event to your specifications and objectives. Imagine your next meeting getting off the ground and soaring through the clouds.


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